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About Guatemala

Located in Central America and between two Oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, has a pleasing weather allowing visiting the country at any time of the year. With short distances, it’s possible to visit many regions in just a few days.

  • Name: República de Guatemala
  • Current government officials
  • President: Otto Pérez Molina (2012) 
  • Land area: 41,865 sq mi (108,430 sq km);
  • Total area: 42,042 sq mi (108,890 sq km)
  • Population (2011 est.): 14,099,032 (growth rate: 1.948%);
  • Birth rate: 26.48/1000;
  • Infant mortality rate: 25.16/1000;
  • Life expectancy: 71.17
  • Capital and largest city (2009 est.): Guatemala City, 1.075 million
  • Monetary unit: Quetzal