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Copan & Quirigua Overnight Tour   

Archaeological Tour
Guatemala and Honduras
The experience
Experience the artistic beauty of the Classic Maya cities of Quiriguá and Copan, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Quirigua Archaeological Site or "Ek Nab” in Mayan language,  was strategically built by the Motagua River during the Classic Mayan period and controlled the important Motagua Valley trade route linking the Caribbean coast with interior settlements. Remarkably preserved portraits and texts on sandstone stele chronicle a ruling dynasty in competition with nearby Copan.  It houses the largest stelae in the Maya World, which is 26 feet and 6 inches in height and weighs about 65 tons.
Copán archaeological Site was the southernmost major centre of lowland Maya civilization and is famed for its artistic sculpture. The great Hieroglyphic Stairway was dedicated in 755 and it bears a continuous text of more than 1250 glyph blocks listing dates and names of the city's Classic Period rulers.  Because of its beautiful artwork, unsurpassed in any other Maya city, Copan occupies a special place in the study of the ancient Maya and its ball court is particularly known for its beauty. Copán Museum of Maya Sculpture contains some of the finest examples of Maya sculpture ever found.  Dominating the centre of the museum is a full-scale brightly coloured replica of the Rosalila Temple which was completed in 571 a. C.

o    Archeological visit in Copan
o    Admire the magnificent Hieroglyphic Stairway of Copán.
o    Visit the archeological site of  Quirigua, World Heritage Site by UNESCO
o    Admire the largest stele in the Maya World
o    Opportunity to take amazing photos

--What you can expect—

(Tuesday)   Transfer throughout the Eastern region of Guatemala, driving through departments of El Progreso and Zacapa to reach the border with Honduras. After immigration formalities, transfer to Copán National Park, one of the most fascinating places from the Mayan ruins. Explore beautiful natural trails and majestic temples. Accommodation in Copan town, Honduras.

(Wednesday)  After breakfast transfer back to Guatemala, guided visit to the Quiriguá Archeological Site,  located in the department of Izabal. In the afternoon, return transfer to Guatemala City.

Professional bilingual guide Spanish/English
Entrance fees
Shared transportation and tours (with other passengers)

Departures: Tuesday .
Feel free to contact us for more information on rates and important details of the tour.
Confirmation will be received at time of booking.