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A sunny Sunday, October 29, 1906, people of Guatemala saw for the first time, the geography of their country like flying upwards.

It was opened at Minerva Park (Today Hipodromo del Norte, Zone 2), the Relief Map of Guatemala. This is a unique and amazingly detailed three-dimensional map of the country in concrete created by the engineer Francisco Vela. It took 18 months for Vela to see his masterpiece finished. 

He traveled all over Guatemala country; sometimes by train, sometimes on foot, sometimes in a motorboat and sometimes riding a mule; taking notes, drawing and measuring, registering mile-metrically each one of the one hundred thousand kilometers of Guatemala

territory, in order to capture all the topography and turned it into a relief map masterpiece in which you can see all the rivers, volcanoes, mountains, valleys, and cities.

The Engineer Claudio Urrutia and the artist Antonio Doninelli helped Vela to change 60 thousand bricks, 25,900 kilograms of cement, 750 yards of malleable pipes, and a big quantity of Santa Maria Volcano`s pumice stone into a unique masterpiece, admired by Guatemalans and tourists.  This beautiful map is an accurate copy of Guatemala´s geography.