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Guatemala and I´ts music

The Guatemalan cultural diversity gets outstanding in the musical expression of it´s people.  According to regions, weather or language, the diversity of music is within.    However, there is a common element that brings all Guatemalans together no matter their origin, ethnics, or social status: The Marimba.  Like the tortilla, the Marimba is one of those “Non official Patriotic Symbols”.  It´s sound could easily be named as “The sound of Guatemala”;It was precisely in Guatemala, in the hands of composer Sebastián Hurtado that the Marimba, being an instrument with some physical limitations, suffer modifications to become a concert instrument where it is possible to execute the complete chromatic scale and for whom it have been written a numberless of great melodies of different genders. 

This model of Marimba was named as “marimba cuache” or “twin marimba” for it is basically build of two fine wood pieces and its tunes are accompany with percussion and bass.  
Although the Marimba is the musical instrument that defines Guatemalan music, the country has never been isolated from musical expressions of the world. Due to this it is easy to find in the vast of its people´s talent classical composers (from XVII century to present days), contemporary jazz musicians like Fernando Pérez, Arturo Xicay or Germán Giordano, potent rock bands like the historical Alux Nahual or Bohemia Suburbana or singers and songwriters who represent the best of world´s Pop music:  Carlos Peña, winner in 2008 of the Latin American Idol Contest and Gaby Moreno, winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, also in 2008.
It is precisely in POP gender where a Guatemalan has received the most important international recognition: Ricardo Arjona. With a style that reminds the “Canción Latinoamericana” with rock and pop influences, Ricardo Arjona, in his long musical carrier, has been accredit with several Latin Grammys, Antorchas de Plata in the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile, and in numberless of platinum for each and all of the songs that conform his discography.  Ricardo Arjona was born in Guatemala in 1964 and now lives in Mexico City where he produces the majority of his material.